Tourism area organization is a private organization, with due consideration to its ability to attracting investment it tries to create tourism villages with cooperation of other companies, so it starts to compile the strategic plans and providing the necessary infrastructures for creating the villages, and it could be said that this the most great and important plan of country. Now this organization has done the main agreements in Mazandaran, Gilan, Azarbayejan, Golestan, Kerman, Yazd, Esfahan, Kermanshah, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Fars,Boushehr and Lorestan provinces.
Managing director of Tourism Areas Organization and the other managers of organization, were the managers of KISH Island from 1989 up to 2000and they accomplished the development plans in Kish free zone, which is now one of the main touristic destination in Iran.
Tourism Areas Organization tries to collaborate with expert, experienced and reputable companies in the field of tourism to propel its plans through new technologies in the third millennium.
Tourism Areas Organization has been notarized in 2001 with the registered No 12945 in the Iran companies’ registration office. Having the authorities from Iran tours and tourism organization it can planning, incumbency and accomplishing macro touristic designs locally and internationally, preparing the necessary infrastructures for creating the touristic and residing small cities in country, scheduling the development designs in tourism industry having the representative agencies locally and internationally, all the technical and engineering actions for implementing .

Managing Director:
Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah
Executive Manager:
Sohrab Bolbolian
Planning Counselor:
Shahrdad Mirzaibr
IT Manager:
AliReza Omrani

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Gilan touristic village company
Hamrah Next Generation Company
Learning strategic institute
-A.C.C international consulting engineers, Austria
-Zista consulting engineers
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-PIN consulting engineers
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